If I retire can I still keep my account at DCU ?

Of course!

Who do I contact if I have fraud on my account?

Any of our Member Service Representatives at 214-748-5166

MasterCard billing or fraud disputes 877-352-0755


Where do I go to check the points on my debit/MasterCard Reward card?
How do I change the address on my account?

We will need something in writing with your signature to change your address. Please either mail, fax or come in to complete this process. Our fax number is 214-748-0816. Download the Change of Address Form

What is Dallas Credit Union routing number?


Is there a grace period for my loan (MasterCard) payment?

There is a 10 calendar day grace period.

*See your account agreement for further information.

What is DCU address?

1301 Young St. #100, Dallas, TX, 75202

I am going out of the country and will be using my debit card or MasterCard Credit Card, who do I need to notify?

Please contact a Member Service Representative during standard business hours by calling 214-748-5166.

How do I place a stop payment on a check?

You must either fill out a stop payment form or submit something in writing with your name, member number, check number, amount and date with your signature.

I am at a shared branch and they have placed a hold on my funds, who do I contact to have those released immediately.

Contact us at 214.748.5166. Releasing funds are reviewed on a case by case basis.

My CD is about to mature, what are my options? Who do I contact? Do I have a grace period?

You have a 5 calendar day grace period for all CDs. Please contact one of our Member Service Representatives to go over your different options.

How do I set up my home banking?

Your default home banking logon ID is your social security number with no dashes or spaces and the temporary password is the last 4 digits of your home telephone number you provided when the account was opened. If you are locked out your password can be reset during normal business hours.

How do I setup my online bill pay?

Go to and click on the link.

I’ve received my debit card but not my PIN, where is my PIN?

For security reasons you will receive your PIN 3-5 days after you’ve received your debit card.

Can I pick my own PIN for my debit card?

For your security, DCU does not offer this service.

Are all funds available immediately?

All deposits are looked at on a case by case basis.

How much does it cost to replace my debit card?


I have an IRA I want to roll over to DCU, who do I contact?

Kim Maxwell at 214-748-5166 x209

What are the wiring instructions?

Wire to:
Catalyst Corp FCU
Farmers Branch, TX
ABA# 311990511
For further credit to DCU
Acct# 311079209

Final Credit to:

Members name and account number

How many withdrawals and transfers am I allowed per month out of my savings account?

On your Savings Account, you are allowed a total of 6 withdrawals - 3 can be cash withdraws and 3 can be transfers. After your 3rd withdraw of cash there is a $3.00 fee per item.

Online Teller Login instructions

Important Security Changes in regards to Online Teller login


We are replacing the existing enhanced authentication.

All users will be required to reenroll in enhanced authentication.


Click here for more detailed instructions.